Step 1: Pick an Investment Option
If you are interested in EB5- then contact one of our representatives to go over our current projects to find an investment particularly suited to your needs and wants.

Step 2: Make the investment and file an I-526 Petition
Once you have chosen your project, your E5 representative will executive all of the contracts necessary. This includes meeting with our Immigration Law partners to begin the steps towards receiving your green card. The process can generally take anywhere from 4-9 months depending on processing by the USCIS. Once you have been approved for the EB5 Visa, you must interview at a local US consulate or embassy.  If you are applying for the EB5 Visa and you are already living in the United States, the process may take up to a year. Once the applicant and their family receive the Visa, they must enter the US within six months.

Step 3: Filing an I-829 Petition
The I-829 petition takes place after the applicant has already established themselves within the US. This can be filed between 21 and 24 months after entering the US. The purpose of the petition is to remove all of the conditions on the green card