How many EB-5 Visas are allocated each year?
The program allocates upwards of 10,000 visas per year for immigrants and their families who are looking to come to American through the EB-5 program.

Can family be included on the EB-5 Visa Application? 
Yes, spouse and unmarried children are eligible to be included on the EB-5 visa.

How much must I invest? 
The USCIS insists that a minimum investment must be at least $500,000. If you are looking to obtain a project outside of a Targeted Employment Area, then the minimum investment goes up to $1,000,0000.

What are Targeted Employment Areas?
An area designated by the local government that has experienced high unemployment rates.  All investments will take place in a targeted employment area.

What is a Limited Partnership? 
The USCIS says that each investor in the EB-5 program must be able to qualify for the new job creation requirement and minimum at risk capital.

What are the Risks Associated with an EB-5 investment? 
Inability to meet the requirements for the job, economic factors and denied immigration through the USCIS Immigrant Investor program.

How long do I have to enter & remain in the United States each year? 
Once the visa has been issued, the investor has 180 days to enter the US, then it is up to them to establish residency. The resident may still work overseas, but for those residents that live outside the US permanently, we suggest the investor and family re-enter the US no less than once every six months.

Why Do I need a laywer?
The lawyer will prepare the I-526 petitions necessary to set you up as a Foreign National Investor. Additionally, the lawyer can help set up the applications for Conditional Permanent Residency and eventually, to remove the conditions to establish permanent residency.

How Do I Retain A Lawyer?
Concorde EB-5 Investors has a network of top immigration lawyers that we will set you up with to ensure a smooth transition.